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Building Blocks Child Care Center's preschool program establishes high standards and expectations for children's learning. Building Blocks preschool curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence curriculum which is a two-year preschool program and is an explicitly stated set of goals and objectives for preschool children. This curriculum addresses all facets of early childhood development: physical well-being and motor development, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, language, and knowledge acquisition and cognitive development.

This curriculum identifies specific experiences, skills, and knowledge that should be offered to all children to provide the necessary foundation for future learning. Although the content of this curriculum is specific, we understand that all children learn in different ways and at different rates. Children are not taught this content exclusively through rote learning, isolated drill, or worksheets. Children learn best when they are actively involved in learning experiences. We present information to children through a variety of methods and provide children with plenty of time to explore and discover on their own.

The goals and outcomes of our preschool curriculum align with the Wyoming Department of Education's early Childhood Standards. In Building Blocks preschool program your child will be well prepared for kindergarten and will have the building blocks for a bright future.

Your Preschooler’s Day:

Breakfast is served until 7:45 a.m.

A.M. Snack:  9:00

Lunch:  11:00

Nap/rest time:  12-2:30

P.M. Snack:  2:45


Each classroom’s daily routine varies but includes:

*Circle Time            
*Large Group Activities
*Small Group Activities *Individual work  
*Work Centers (small group play 
   and teacher directed activities
   focused on games and
   exploration in alphabet, math,
   writing, art, computer, and fine
   motor activities 
*Play Centers           
*Music and Movement
*Outside Play             
*Gross Motor Activities


The outcomes for our preschool program include goals for the following areas:

    *Movement and Coordination
    *Autonomy and Social Skills
    *Work Habits
    *Oral Language Development
    *Storybook Reading and Storytelling
    *Emerging Literacy Skills in Reading and Writing
    *Mathematical Reasoning and Number Sense
    *Orientation in Time
    *Orientation in Space
    *Scientific Reasoning and the Physical World
    *Visual Arts

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