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Building Blocks Child Care Center's Young Toddler curriculum is centered around the positive, nurturing relationships the children develop with their caregivers, the routine care we provide, and the play the children are involved in every day. We provide developmentally appropriate care and activities every day to support your child’s physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, and self-help skills.

A look at your toddler's day:

*Our toddler class routine follows the interest and activity level of the children each day.  We follow the children’s lead in play and sensory activities, book reading, songs, and creative art experiences are presented at times of the day when the children are interested and engaged.

*Diapering is done every 2 hours and as needed throughout the day.

*Snacks are also given as needed during the day.

6:30—7:45: Arrival and Breakfast

9:00:  Snack

11:00:  Lunch

12:00:  Nap

2:45:  Snack





Your Child’s Social and Emotional Development:

     We provide loving responsive care that allows children to feel safe to explore their environment and learn.  We support toddlers growing independence,  help them learn about their emotions and learn how to interact with others.


Your Child’s Physical Development:

     We provide a safe environment for toddlers to practice their emerging skills.  Toddlers have the space and equipment to move and practice their gross motor skills both indoors and outside.


Your Child’s Cognitive Development:

     Sharing books is a very important part of our toddler program.  We know that children who have everyday  book-sharing experiences are most likely to be good readers in first grade.  Our toddlers are read to individually and in groups every day.  Our toddlers are exposed to a variety of developmentally appropriate toys, materials and experiences that allow them to solve problems and learn about the world around them.


Your Child’s Language Development:

   Toddlers are gaining vocabulary and language skills every day.  At Building Blocks we provide a language rich environment where your child is talked to, sung to, and read to throughout the day.  We also use sign language with the children in our toddler classrooms to help them communicate if they are not yet able to speak.


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