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We know that when children are interested and involved in an activity they are learning. Building Blocks Child Care Center’s Exploration Station toddler program for children 18 months—30 months provides an active, engaging environment where children can explore and learn about their world.

A Look At Your Child’s Day:

6:30—7:45:  Breakfast

7:45—9:00:  Facilitated Play

9:00: Snack

9:15: Circle Time

9:30: Outside Play/ Gross Motor Activity

10:00: Facilitated Play

11:00: Lunch

12:00: Nap

3:00: Snack

3:15: Circle Time

3:30: Outside Time/Gross Motor Activity

4:00 Facilitated Play


*Diapering and toileting is done every 2 1/2 hours and as needed throughout the day.

*Art/craft/sensory activities are presented during facilitated play time when children are interested and engaged in the activity.


Our Exploration Station curriculum is based on the idea that children are active learners and we provide developmentally appropriate activities and experiences to promote every area of your child’s development.


Physical Development:

     Older toddlers are developing many new motor skills and our program gives them an opportunity to practice running, jumping, kicking, throwing, climbing, and more.


Cognitive Development:

     We support toddler’s growing curiosity, exploration, and intellectual development by providing them with developmentally appropriately activities, toys and materials that they can use independently and in increasingly sophisticated ways.  Basic skills such as counting and color and shape recognition are introduced and practiced through daily interactions and play.  Children are read to in groups and individually every day.


Language Development:

   By two-years of age your child may say sentences of two to four words and have a large vocabulary that is growing every day.  We support your child’s language development by talking to your child throughout the day, singing songs, and practicing simple rhymes and fingerplays.


Social and Emotional Development:

      Older toddlers have strong feelings and preferences and we help them begin to learn how to express their emotions appropriately. We help toddlers learn how to play well with other children and how they fit in the world around them.  We support toddlers growing independence and we work on self-help skills including potty training and self-feeding.


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